Saturday, January 16, 2010

JMM 2010

I'm in my final day at the 2010 Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Francisco.

I attended a several committee meetings and sessions, but the most immediately interesting thing I learned was that Microsoft has a free program that converts freehand writing (using a tablet pc stylus) to typeset math expressions.

I googled "Microsoft equation writer" to find the download site and then downloaded and installed the pack that includes the equation writer.

My first trial worked fine.

But the next several attempts all gave unsatisfactory results.

I never did succeed in getting the program to recognize an upper case Delta, and I'm offended that it thought my handwritten "lim" looked like "sin" and that my "f(" looked like "lim"!

Fractions and radicals look ok, but the spacing is often poor, for example around the "="  or before the "dx" in a integral.


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