Saturday, April 17, 2010

Statway: A pathway from developmental math through statistics

Los Angeles Pierce College has been invited to be one of sixteen community colleges to participate in the Carnegie Foundation's Statway project.

The key goal of the project is to provide a pathway for developmental math students to progress successfully from elementary algebra to completion of a transferable statistics course, all in one year.

The Statway project has already collaborated with AMS, ASA, MAA, AMATYC, NADE, NACME (National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering), and CAUSE (Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education).  Selected faculty from the professional mathematics societies make up the Carnegie Committee on Statistics Learning Outcomes, which has been working on identifying the core concepts, topics, and learning outcomes for transfer-level statistics.  The CCSLO is also identifying the developmental math learning outcomes needed to prepare students for learning statistics.

But in addition to redesigning the content and pathway to statistics, Statway will incorporate a student engagement component--roughly survival skills for a college student.